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Annie Sloan Soft Wax – as soft as buttery spread and as easy to use…

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Created to partner Chalk Paint™, the wax comes in clear or dark (antique) and can be mixed with Chalk Paint™ for unique finishes.

Discovering how easy it is to use Chalk Paint™ decorative paint is only one part of the fun in rescuing old furniture, cabinets, or re-doing walls. Annie Sloan Soft Wax in clear or dark increases the versatility and durability of the paint. The clear wax enriches and enlivens paint colors, while the dark wax creates age and adds dimension.

Unlike most furniture waxes, Annie Sloan’s Soft Wax is the consistency of soft butter and as easy to spread. Like Chalk Paint, it was created by Annie Sloan – “one of the world’s most respected experts in decorative painting”* - to provide the perfect partner for her paint, and to make it easy and a pleasure to use. Annie recommends using a soft round brush to apply the wax, “so it gets into crevices and hard-to-reach corners.” Its soft texture means it can be mixed with Chalk Paint (see details below) then applied to a surface for a gently limed look on wood or other types of surface.”

Clear and dark waxes can even be mixed together before applying until the desired shade is achieved. With the paint and wax ‘partnership’, there is an almost infinite variety of achievable looks, colors, and finishes. Annie Sloan recommends using dark wax only on darker paint.

Made from a combination of bees and carnauba waxes, Annie Sloan Soft Wax is an excellent water-repellent (not waterproof), creating a protective shield that prevents chipping. Unlike many commercial waxes, it does not contain quick-drying agents such as Toluene. Wax comes in 500ml cans, list price: $25.

Wax finishes
Annie Sloan Soft Wax clear is perfect for creating a matte sheen to a single color surface that’s been painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, whether it’s furniture, cabinets, or walls. Less is more! Apply only a thin layer, then wipe away the excess with a soft cloth before it dries.

Distressed finish: paint with Chalk Paint, when paint is dry, brush on a thin coat of clear wax, rub gently with fine sandpaper (220 grit) (while wax is still wet), then wax again, removing excess with a soft cloth. When wax is dry, buff with a cloth or soft pad. Waxing before sanding is recommended because:
- it softens the Chalk Paint
- it helps you see where you’re going
- it cuts down on the sanding dust

Antique finish:
Always use the dark wax on top of a first layer of clear wax, to add a rich, dark tone, spreading and pushing the wax into the underlying paint, then wipe off any excess wax with a cloth before it dries. Annie recommends waxing small areas at a time. Clear wax can be used as a sort of ‘magic eraser’, to remove excess dark wax. Let this wax combination dry 24 hours before buffing to a shine.

Tinting clear Annie Sloan Soft Wax
Mix about 70% Chalk Paint into 30% clear wax – either directly on the surface, or in a container, and wax small sections at a time. To lighten the dark wax, mix in a small amount of light color chalk paint. For opaque white wax, mix in ‘Old White’, or for darkening dark wax, mix in ‘Aubusson’.

Workshops and Where-To-Buy
Regular workshops are held nationwide, organized locally by retailers who demonstrate techniques using Chalk Paint and Soft Wax. In keeping with the style of the products, they are only available at decor studios or vintage home stores. These retailers love sharing their knowledge and expertise with others as much as Annie Sloan does in her Oxford, England store. To find your local retailer or a nearby workshop, go to the US website: http://www.anniesloanunfolded.com/retailers.html

About Annie Sloan
*BBC Homes and Antiques says Annie Sloan is“one of the world’s most respected experts in decorative painting”. She is a key figure in the painted furniture revolution, through her lively and creative approach and 40 years of painting experience. She has written numerous books on the topic, including ‘Creating the French Look’, just released in paperback in the US, published by Ryland Peters & Small, and ‘Quick and Easy Paint Transformations’, with sales of more than 2 million books worldwide, translated into 11 languages. She runs workshops from her store in Oxford, England, and teaches in the US and Europe. For more information: http://www.anniesloan.com/acatalog/Who_is_Annie_Sloan_.html

About Annie Sloan Unfolded (the US distributor) www.anniesloanunfolded.com
Lisa Rickert was searching for the perfect European furniture and décor to complement her New Orleans home when she discovered Annie Sloan and her wonderful Chalk Paint™. Lisa ordered paint from the UK and was so impressed with the results that she went on to use it throughout her home. Bitten by the bug, she decided to quit her job in supply chain operations for major utilities and oil companies, and turn her MBA-level business experience to creative use. Lisa has overseen the manufacture of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in the USA, and is now managing its distribution, marketing, and sales. Lisa says, “Annie Sloan and her amazing products have allowed me to turn my innate creativity into something much more. I am truly passionate about her products and I can honestly say that I now love my job!”

For general information, please contact:
Lisa M. Rickert, Annie Sloan Unfolded, New Orleans
T: (504) 247-3788
Email: info@anniesloanunfolded.com

For media information about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in the USA, contact:
Melissa Riche t: 310 424 5985 email: Melissa@causeandeffects.com

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