Updating Your Outdoor Accessories with Chalk Paint®

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Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan can easily transform your outdoor accessories. Chalk Paint® adheres to most surfaces, including terracotta and cement, and it can give your urns and planters a brand new finish. It is also quick drying, so your projects will be done in no time. Ahead, we are going to show you three easy ways to take your planters from drab to fab!

Using Chalk Paint® and dirt on your urn

This technique comes from Annie Sloan’s book, Creating the French Look. While Annie’s project was transforming a beautiful 18th-century wooden cherub, this tutorial shows you how to easily achieve a similar look on ordinary stone urns and statuaries found out your local garden center. Here’s how we adapted her method:

To duplicate this finish you will need:

• Chalk Paint® in Old White
Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush
• Potting soil


1. Paint your statue or urn all over with Chalk Paint® in Old White, using the tips of your Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush to push the paint into the recesses. The next step needs to be done while the paint is wet, so make sure to work in manageable areas if painting a larger object.

2. Rub some dry potting soil into parts of the wet paint and into the recesses. It will mix with the white paint to make it a little dirty and grayed, knocking back the white highlights and darkening the crevices. This can be a bit messy so you may want to wear a pair of gloves for this step.

3. When the paint is dry, get rid of any excess dirt by dusting your piece with a soft brush or even using your fingertips and the palms of your hands. Pot with some of your favorite plants, and you’re done!

Chalk Paint® and terracotta pots

Why settle for plain-colored terracotta pots when you can easily customize them for your garden using Chalk Paint®?

To duplicate this look you will need:

• Chalk Paint® in Olive, Château Grey, Scandinavian Pink, English Yellow, Arles, and
Aubusson Blue
• Annie Sloan MixMat
• Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush


  1. We made several custom color mixes using varying amounts of Olive, Château Grey, Scandinavian Pink, English Yellow, Arles, and Aubusson Blue on an Annie Sloan MixMat.

  2. We wanted a textured look to my pots so I applied our custom color mixes fairly thickly, brushing in all directions and leaving some brush marks. The paint absorbed into the terracotta rather quickly, so it was easy to go back in after just a minute or two and lightly drag the paint with the side of my brush to create some interesting texture.
  3. When the paint is dry, pot with some of your favorite plants. There’s no need to seal your paintwork; because Chalk Paint® is a water-based paint, it will allow any excess moisture to evaporate through the terracotta and holds up very well to the outdoor elements.

Chalk Paint® and a verdigris look

It’s easy to create a beautiful verdigris look, similar to that found on old copper gutters, with Chalk Paint® and water. This technique is suitable for wooden, metal, stone, terracotta, and even matte plastic garden pots, urns, and other objects.

To duplicate this look you will need:

• Chalk Paint® in Graphite, Amsterdam Green, Provence, and Lem Lem
• Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush
• Misting spray bottle
• Small buckets to mix Chalk Paint® and water mixture
• Drying rack


  1. Paint your pot or urn all over with Graphite and let dry.

  2. Thin some Amsterdam Green, Provence, and Lem Lem with enough water (approx. 20%) to make the paint a bit runny (but it should not be watery). Mist your pot or urn allover with a generous amount of water.  Starting with Amsterdam Green, brush the diluted paint all around the top edge.  The water in the paint when combined with the water on your container will cause the paint to naturally run and drip down.  You can encourage the paint to keep moving downward by misting it further with water.  Be a bit patient and allow the paint to simply do its thing.  Keep a watch out for any small droplets of color and soften them out with a dry brush.  When you are happy with the results, repeat the process with Provence and Lem Lem, in that order.

  3. When the paint is fully dry, buff your container with a soft cloth to create a slight sheen. There is no need for any clear protective coating; the finish will weather beautifully, and your plants will have an opportunity to breath.

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