Drop Cloth Curtain

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Today we’re featuring a boho curtain done by Memphis & Germantown, Tennessee stockist Stephanie Jones of me & mrs. jones.

Drop Cloth Curtain

“I wanted to add a little softness, warmth & boho pizazz to a less-than-lovely window at our studio,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie started by washing & drying her 4×15 canvas drop cloth. This softened up the fabric, which allowed it to more easily take the Chalk Paint® dye she used later on.

Using Old White Chalk Paint®, a roller, and a large Moroccan-inspired stencil (check out the Annie Sloan Stencil Collection here!), Stephanie, along with her team of intrepid helpers, stenciled an allover pattern onto the drop cloth. To help everything stay in place as they worked, they smoothed the drop cloth onto a flattened-out box that had been spritzed with low-tack adhesive. “To avoid seepage, don’t forget to off-load excess paint from the roller onto folded paper towels before rolling,” notes Stephanie.

Drop Cloth Curtain

Since the look she was going for was a bit faded, Stephanie chose to stencil before dying; however, if you’re looking for a crisper, brighter look, you’ll want to stencil after dying.

Next, she mixed Florence Chalk Paint® with a tiny bit of Provence Chalk Paint® with water in a large plastic tub. Stephanie used 1 part paint to 20 parts water (a discarded curtain rod did double duty as a stirrer) & let the loosely bunched drop cloth soak for about an hour, stirring occasionally.

Drop Cloth Curtain

Once finished soaking, Stephanie hung the drop cloth on a clothesline outside to drip-dry overnight, after which she used a steam iron to soften it up a bit.

Drop Cloth Curtain

When all was said & done, Stephanie draped the finished drop cloth over a plumbing-pipe curtain rod & scooted it to the side to hide an awkward corner in her studio. Voilà – hardware store chic!

Drop Cloth Curtain

To see more of Stephanie’s work, visit her website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

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  • yup- pretty cute!

  • Carol Castellow

    LOVE this idea!! one question tho, how does it hold up in the wash?