Chevron Sideboard

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Today we’re featuring an incredible chevron sideboard done by Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec stockist Tania Trudel of Aube Creations.

Chevron Sideboard

Fondly referred to as “the beast,” it took Tania and designer Philippe Côté over 80 hours to tape, paint & finish the formerly white piece, ultimately creating a fabulously funky chevron piece that’s sure to brighten up even the darkest of rooms!

Inspired by a chevron canvas, Tania started by taping off the formerly white piece, a process that took over two days!

Chevron Sideboard

Below are two progress pictures. The picture on the left was taken 40 hours in, while the picture on the right was taken near the end after about 80 hours of hard work!

Chevron Sideboard

The end result may be a beast but it couldn’t have turned out better!

Chevron Sideboard

To see more of Tania’s work, visit her website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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  • mjhoop

    Too sad…….

  • Lucy Tonyan

    Wow, what an attention grabber! The vision and artistry it took to transform this dated old sideboard into a fresh, modern standout art piece is outstanding. Close up views show attention to impeccable detail and perfection in precise painting, rendering what is surely a museum quality piece.