Facebook Contest: Get inspired by Annie Sloan Stockists!

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Annie Sloan Stockists hold a wealth of knowledge and inspiration in their stores! Visiting your local stockist can provide you with the necessary creative concepts to tackle your next project. That’s why for this month’s Facebook contest, we want you to tell us what your favorite thing is about visiting your local stockist for your chance to win one (1) quart of Chalk Paint®!

Fall window display created by Annie Sloan Stockist Carte Blanche Upcycle, located in the Greater Moncton area.


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Create an Original Piece of Paddle Art With Annie Sloan Products

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Summer is over and the cooler weather is coming in. Annie Sloan Stockist Katrina Barclay of Malenka Originals in Ottawa, Ontario wanted to bring memories of warmer, sunnier days into her home with some beautiful paddle art.

There’s a lot of beautiful paddle art out there and we love the geometric patterns we’ve been seeing, but Katrina wanted to create something more personalized and unique to hang on her wall. Something that – even in the middle of winter – she could look at when craving those summertime feels.

This paddle project hit all the right buttons for her. It blends together her love of canoeing with a picture of one of her favorite places in the world. Plus, it uses bright and uplifting Chalk Paint® colors.

If you don’t have a paddle – no problem! These techniques can also be used on furniture. Let’s take a look!

Time: 2 Hours Cost: $60 Difficulty: Medium


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Inspiring ways to use the new Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan color, Lem Lem™!

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It’s probably been hard to miss the news that Annie Sloan’s brand new color, Lem Lem™, has arrived!

Every pot of Lem Lem™ sold will raise vital funds for Oxfam, helping people beat poverty worldwide.

This limited edition color is so versatile, and there are so many different ways people are using it on their projects. Keep reading for Lem Lem™ inspiration and to see some of the amazing ways people are using this new, amazing color!


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