This Is the Year to Live Danishly

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Hygge (hoo-gah) is the art of cozy living, a Danish term that embraces the happy moments and possibilities of everyday life by enjoying the warmth and contentment of a happy lifestyle and home. Annie Sloan defines hygge as “something hard to define, but I come to mean surrounding myself with calm, soothing, warm and cosy things.”

Just one great example of hygge is Annie’s own bathroom at her house in Normandy, France, a room she describes as an oasis of sanctuary and calm. Annie chose warm, soft tones like Coco, Louis Blue, Olive and Aubusson Blue to paint the room. And to keep that comforting feeling going, she used candles to light the room, making it the perfect place to switch off and recharge her creative batteries.

This Is the Year to Live Danishly

Looking to incorporate hygge into your own home this winter? It’s about finding colors that charm your senses, products that make it easy to update décor and projects that help create a warm, welcoming home. Visit your local Annie Sloan Stockist to help pull together your own hygge style, and be sure to share those projects with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Quick & Easy Step-by-Step with Annie Sloan’s Mini Project Pack

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[This post was originally published on Annie Sloan’s blog, Paint and Colour. You can read the original post here.]

Quick & Easy Step-by-Step with Annie Sloan's Mini Project Pack

This little side table is one of a pair that I’d recently acquired. Pieces like these are easy to come across and many people will already have something similar in their homes. They’re often finished in that orangey pine that people have fallen out of love with, which makes them the perfect candidate for a new year makeover using just a little Chalk Paint®!

Quick & Easy Step-by-Step with Annie Sloan's Mini Project Pack

And when I say a little paint, I really mean it – it took just a couple of my small project pots to do the whole piece! If you were lucky enough to receive one of my Mini Project Packs over the holiday season and are looking for inspiration of how to use it, I hope this helps.

At this time of year, the colours that I start to use in my work are rich, earthy, warm and full of depth. They comfort me and give me that little injection of earthy nature that I so long for in the dark winter months, which is why I’ve chosen to use Amsterdam Green and Aubusson Blue on this piece – two colours that work beautifully especially with the injection of Black Chalk Paint® Wax, which really brings out those deep jewel tones whilst highlighting the texture of the paintwork.

Or course you don’t have to use these colours, and with my Mini Project Pack you choose the colours to suit your taste.

For this makeover, you will need:

  1. Start by removing the drawers from the shell of the piece and paint the front of the drawers in Aubusson Blue using a Pure Bristle Brush. Apply the paint thickly, moving the brush in all different directions to create that gorgeous texture that my coloured Chalk Paint® Waxes thrive on.
  2. Paint the shell of the piece in Amsterdam Green – again applying the paint thickly, moving the brush in all different directions.
  3. Once the paint is completely dry, apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax. Make sure you work the wax into the surface and wipe away any excess with a lint free cloth. Using one of my wax brushes makes it really easy to get the wax in to all that gorgeous brushwork.
  4. While the Clear Chalk Paint® Wax is still wet, begin to apply Black Chalk Paint® Wax. Work the wax in to the surface – pushing it in to the crevices in the paint and surface, and then, use Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to gently wipe away any excess of Black Chalk Paint® Wax. If you apply too much Black Chalk Paint® Wax, don’t worry – the Clear Chalk Paint® Wax acts like an eraser and can remove it.

And there you have it! I’d love to see how you’ve used your Mini Project Packs, so please tag me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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10 Best of 2016

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As excited as we are to ring in the new year in just a few short days, it’s time to reflect on 2016. This year was a great one – we showcased lots of fabulous consumer and stockist projects, from an ombré dresser-turned-changing table to dying all sorts of fabric (from curtains to clothes!). Below we’re sharing 10 of our most popular posts from throughout the year. Which one is your favorite?

10. Ombré dresser-turned-changing table

Ombré dresser-turned-changing table

9. Introducing Giverny!

Introducing Giverny!

8. Woodland fairytale wedding shoot

Woodland fairytale wedding shoot

7. An armoire fit for a princess

An armoire fit for a princess

6. #MoreThanPaint


5. Chevron sideboard

Chevron sideboard

4. Pin-spiring buffets

Pin-spiring buffets

3. Drop cloth curtain

Drop cloth curtain

2. Chalk Paint®: it’s to dye for!

Chalk Paint®: it's to dye for!

1. 5 best apps for furniture painters

5 best apps for furniture painters

What projects do you have planned for 2017?

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